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When you are unable to work because of a disability, you have the option of applying for disability insurance benefits. Most people file their initial application on their own. However, if you contact a New York Social Security disability insurance attorney before you file your initial application, you may find it easier to get your benefits approved with your first application.

Why Hire a New York City Attorney

The first application for Social Security disability is denied more than half of the time. An attorney who understands the process can help you with onset dates, determining if your condition meets the impairments in the blue book that is used by Social Security and otherwise presenting your application in a manner that may increase the odds of getting approved the first time around.

Appealing Social Security Disability Denials

Those who have had their application for disability benefits denied have only 60 days to file an appeal. Because the appeal process can be complicated, it is important to work with a New York City attorney who understands the appeal process and can help you with the necessary paperwork.

Social Security Disability Appeals Levels

Keep in mind, there are four levels of appeals when you have been denied benefits. The first is a reconsideration where your attorney can help by determining what medical proof you need. The next level of appeals is typically a hearing before an administrative law judge. During this process, an attorney can help by making sure there are vocational and medical experts available to provide the judge with information regarding your disability. Should your claim continue to be denied, you can request a review by the Appeals Council and a Federal court review. At each level, the importance of working with a New York Social Security Disability attorney is increased.

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Every year, thousands of people who are disabled have their Social Security disability applications denied. Residents of New York City who are considering filing an initial application or who have previously been denied benefits should contact Campson and Campson at (212) 302-1180 for help. We will work with you to determine the best steps to take for the desired outcome.