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Motor-Vehicle-Accident_2.jpgBecause of the “no-fault” auto insurance rules in New York, if you are injured by a distracted or drunk driver, you are limited to filing a civil lawsuit only if your injury meets the requirement known as “serious injury”. This means your injury has to result in dismemberment, miscarriage, or other injury that is expected to have an impact on you for more than 90 days. If you are uncertain if your injuries rise to the “serious” level, speak with a New York personal injury attorney who understands the “no fault” statues in New York.

At Campson & Campson, we know injuries impact you not only emotionally but financially. Contact us at (212) 302-1180 if you believe your injuries were the result of negligence or a deliberate action by another person or business. We can help you get compensation so you are not paying for medical care and recovery costs out of your own pocket.