Personal InjuryPavement Problems and Personal Injuries in NYC

January 12, 2023

It’s obvious to anyone who spends even a little time in New York City that the streets and sidewalks are not always in the best shape. Whether it’s uneven pavement, potholes, or sidewalk cracks, many pavement problems may contribute to personal injuries. It’s not always easy to recover compensation for these injuries, however. Here is what you need to know about recovering for injuries or damages you’ve suffered due to a pavement problem in New York City.

The City Needs to Have Received Notice of the Problem
Where the street or sidewalk is the responsibility of the City, it is generally immune from liability for injuries or damages suffered as a result of a defect such as uneven pavement or a pothole. There is an exception, however: if the City has received written notice of the defect and has failed to fix it within fifteen days after receiving the notice, then the city can be liable for injuries and damages caused by the defect.
Some groups regularly submit these notices to the City of New York to encourage the City to repair the problems and to satisfy the prior written notice requirement if the pavement issue contributes to a pedestrian fall or a vehicle crash. Also, it is sometimes possible to determine from information requests to the City that its internal records show that it was aware of a particular pavement problem.

Building Owners May Be Responsible for Sidewalk Problems
Where a broken sidewalk runs along the side of a privately-owned building or property, the owner may be liable for injuries or damages caused by the defect. Unlike in New York City, there is no prior written notice requirement; the property owner is responsible for maintaining the adjacent sidewalks in a reasonably safe condition. Particularly where a problem with a sidewalk has existed for some time, it can be difficult for a property owner to successfully argue that it is not responsible for injuries caused by the defect.

You Need the Help of an Experienced Attorney
If you have been injured in a crash or suffered a fall caused by uneven pavement or another road or sidewalk defect in New York City, you need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Paul Campson has been successfully representing clients in these kinds of cases for decades, and he and the team at Campson & Campson have the knowledge and in-court experience you need to understand your claim and, where possible, secure the maximum compensation for your injuries and other losses.

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