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October 10, 2022

Since first appearing on shelves in 2015, the name Juul has become as synonymous with e-cigarettes as Kleenex has with facial tissue. It is a rare type of success that few brands ever reach. The problem? According to a massive settlement between the company and 33 states, Juul — at least partially — built up its brand by marketing its nicotine-laden products specifically to teenagers.

The resolution of the lawsuit — which began in 2020 under Connecticut jurisdiction — saw the company send $438.5 million to be distributed equally among the states involved (plus Puerto Rico).

What Was the Reason for the Lawsuit?

The lawsuit focused on the impact Juul had on a large surge in teen vaping from 2015-2019. The case addressed evidence of the company’s inappropriate marketing practices. Launch parties, product giveaways, social media ads, and the use of youthful models brought credibility to the assertion that Juul was intentionally targeting a young demographic — which eventually led to an underage vaping craze that the FDA called an “epidemic.”

What Does It Mean Going Forward?

As part of the settlement, Juul will be forced to reevaluate their advertising strategy. The company previously stopped most of its most egregious promotions when the lawsuits began to pile up, but the settlement outlines additional off-limits practices. They must refrain from advertising using cartoons, billboards, public transportation, social media influencers, or people under 35. The nearly $440 million that Juul is sending to the states will be used toward vaping prevention. The hope is that this two-pronged solution will limit teenage nicotine consumption in the future.

It’s an admirable goal, but what about those who have already been affected? Countless nicotine-addicted teens and their families have been negatively impacted by inappropriate marketing. What can they do?

There are hundreds of pending personal suits against Juul, and this settlement is important because it establishes precedence: the electronic cigarette company bears responsibility for underage use. If you feel that you or your child has been put in a similar situation, Campson & Campson is here to help. Please contact us online or call (212) 302-1180 to discuss what we can do for your case.

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