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In an attempt to deal with the ongoing congestion of NYC traffic, many people in New York City are turning to alternative forms of transportation like scooters, e-scooters, and the like. While advocates claim these vehicles do help with congestion and pollution—and users truly enjoy riding them—they’re also creating additional threats to pedestrians. Not only are these e-vehicles fast and more difficult to spot, but users often ride them in shared paths with pedestrians (which they’re not supposed to do). Let’s take a closer look at this dilemma and the risks to NYC pedestrians you need to know about.

Moped Scooters
Motorized scooters have always been seen around NYC (Vespa, anyone?), but when Revel’s distinctive blue-colored ride-sharing electric mopeds began appearing around New York streets in 2019, the scooter craze took a quantum leap forward. Unfortunately, so did the risk of accidents. Revel suspended its NYC service temporarily in July 2020 after two people died within a week. Revel users have frequently been seen riding in bike lanes (they are considered motorcycles, not bikes), darting in and out of traffic, and posing new threats to pedestrians.

Another huge trend that has taken off—with even greater pedestrian collision risks—is the arrival of e-scooters across the city. A recent
investigation by a local news agency discovered that since 2020, there have been more nearly 600 e-scooter accidents in the city, most of which resulted in injuries to people, including pedestrians—three of whom died as a result. E-scooters have proven even more dangerous than mopeds because of their speed and size, and because users frequently ride them on sidewalks and walking paths where they are technically prohibited.


Other Forms of E-Vehicles
Mopeds and e-scooters aren’t the only types of e-vehicles causing increased risks to pedestrians in NYC. For several years, food service delivery personnel have been hopping on “e-bikes,” standard bicycles outfitted with electric propulsion that lets them get around faster, often with disastrous results to pedestrians. Some adventurous commuters are also turning to one-wheel electric scooters to get around, which requires a great deal of balance and comes with an enhanced risk of injury both to the riders and any pedestrians with whom they come into contact.

Personal Injury Cases Involving Scooters
If you’re a pedestrian walking the NYC streets and you are injured by someone using one of these types of scooters, you may be entitled to the same compensation for your injuries as if you had been involved in a collision with a car or motorcycle. However, these new modes of transportation may involve nuanced circumstances, and it may require the skill of an experienced personal injury attorney to get to the bottom of things and help you get the settlement you need to become whole. Give us a call today so we can discuss the details of your case.


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