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When it comes to our personal safety during and after a pandemic, many of us are aware of the reasons why mask-wearing can be beneficial. However, personal safety questions come up regarding mask-wearing during specific activities—such as walking outside near a busy road. As a pedestrian, should you be wearing a mask? Should you be worried about nearby drivers wearing masks? What’s the best practice for your safety, and why?

Here’s what you need to know.

Mask-Wearing While Driving May Pose Risks to Pedestrians
While a person wears a mask, a significant portion of their face is covered. In some instances, this can result in reduced sensory input—for example, if their face covering also covers their ears or if their mask causes their glasses to fog.

If a driver cannot hear or see the world around them, it can be easy for them (and people around them) to become victims of an adverse driving event. In other cases, the use of medical-grade masks can result in reduced oxygen supply to the wearer. This can cause the wearer to feel dizzy, nauseated, or fatigued. The wearer may even pass out—which can impact their immediate ability to drive their vehicle safely. A car crash may result, which may cause harm to nearby pedestrians.

Wearing a Mask As a Pedestrian Can Reduce The Ability to Survey One’s Surroundings
Mask-wearing drivers aren’t the only risk that pedestrians may face. When walking near a street, a pedestrian relies on second-by-second floods of incoming information to direct themselves along a safe, reliable route. If a mask disorients or distracts a pedestrian at an inopportune moment, the pedestrian may fail to notice critical signs or nearby events. The simple placement of their mask could make it difficult to survey the state of the sidewalk before them, making trips and falls much more likely.


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